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One Piece Cosplay Group? [Jul. 17th, 2010|12:09 am]
Cosplay in the UK & Europe!


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Okay so this is just on the off-chance... I'm going to post at some message boards so you might hear this a few times if you frequent those kinds of sites.

For the October 2010 Expo in London I'm really interested in doing a One Piece Strong World cosplay (and yeah, I know its not subtitled or anything yet) but I think it would be amazing if I could somehow assemble a group to do their costumes.

Personally I've never properly cosplayed before but I'd love to give it a go, especially because my mum has been sewing for over thirty years and she's actually awesome with a sewing machine. I'm probably best suited to doing Nico Robin because I have exactly the same hairstyle (its a bit longer but meh), and the same eyes and stuff so... yeah. I appreciate that some people might not be able to get the fabric and whatever needed for it thanks to financial issues or just not being able to make the October Expo (however if it is a problem with fabric, I can recommend some great sites that sell a wide array of material for really low prices as my mother and I ourselves live on Jobseeker's Allowance and child support =.=).

I'd just really like to see if anyone else would be interested at all in doing a One Piece Strong World cosplay ^o^ The biggest issue I could probably see would be the fucking giant guns they have in that movie, though we might find them cheap on the net, or we could get away without them. Or we could even make them! Maybe... xD;I only know a couple of guys who cosplayed Sanji and Zoro the October before last and I don't even really speak to them that much anymore >.> So a cosplay group would be awesome.